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Luiss Summer University offers a unique educational experience of intensive cross-disciplinary study, within an academic community where learning means stimulating curiosity and passions. Each Summer Program focuses on cutting-edge subjects and combines academic teaching with a set of real world experience including company visits, policy-making laboratory experience and live case studies.

The faculty consists of leading scholars and representatives from a variety of national and international organizations, and seasoned executives from the private sector.

Summer programs are taught in English and are eligible for academic credits. Students enrolled in the programs have the opportunity to attend classes at the Luiss University campus – located in the heart of Rome, the eternal city – and live in one of the university residence halls. They also have a chance to take part in a range of activities and events that enable them to experience the city of Rome, its history, art and exciting social life.

The summer programs last between one and three weeks each year in June-July and are open to international undergraduate, graduate and professional students.

Management “Made in Italy”: Food, Luxury, Fashion and Design

The program adopts a cross-industry approach, analyzing operating and innovation strategies performed by leading Italian companies in different industries: fashion, design, automotive, luxury boating, hi-tech, food, and beverages. This course focuses on the latest business strategies of luxury niche players and global players in industries where creativity, innovation and exclusiveness are the key ingredients for success.

Euro-Mediterranean Trends: Society and Culture, Politics and Economics

The program provides an interdisciplinary and comprehensive training for students who aim for career opportunities in international and intergovernmental organizations, policy consulting, think tanks, foundations and civil society, businesses, diplomacy, media and academia. With the summer school participants will have acquired: An in-depth knowledge on Euro-Mediterranean trends and instruments to critically analyse them in their multi-dimensional nature.

Connecting Europe with China along the Silk Road

The program adopts a multidisciplinary approach, combining interdisciplinary and comprehensive training for students who aim to develop a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges of the relationship between China and Europe in the light of the Belt and Road Initiative. This innovative summer course offers a true learning experience for students who wish to know about China’s and its growing impact on Europe.

Populism and Democracy

The program is meant to be recurrent and itinerant. The 2020 edition will be held in Rome, and it will be organized by Luiss Guido Carli. The 2021 edition will be in Paris, organized by Sciences Po. In academic terms, the program aims to investigate the origins of populism from different perspectives: historical, political, sociological, theoretical and philosophical; and involve both international scholars and practitioners (politicians, policy-makers etc) in the discussion on populism.

European and Comparative Company Law: Capital Markets

The program is designed as an add-on to the education of law students as well as graduates with an interest in company law and as an advanced course for practitioners. It will allow participants to prepare for or complement a graduate degree in business law by gaining an in-depth exposure to the theory and practice of company law in Europe and acquiring the tools for dealing with cross-border transactions involving listed companies.

Parliamentary Democracy in Europe – 9th edition

This summer program applies research-based knowledge and professional expertise to the actual contexts where constitutional democracies in Europe and beyond are facing an unprecedented decline in their legitimacy and ability to address constituents’ demands and concerns and to respect human rights. With this regard, processes of rule of law “backsliding” will be examined also in relation to the role that the European Union can play.

Fees, Financial Aid and Scholarship

Luiss University makes every effort to support talented students, making their education both accessible and affordable.

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