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Luiss Summer University offers a unique educational experience of intensive cross-disciplinary study, within an academic community where learning means stimulating curiosity and passions. Each Summer Program focuses on cutting-edge subjects and combines academic teaching with a set of real world experience including company visits, policy-making laboratory experience and live case studies.

The faculty consists of leading scholars and representatives from a variety of national and international organizations, and seasoned executives from the private sector.

Summer programs are taught in English and are eligible for academic credits. Students enrolled in the programs have the opportunity to attend classes at the Luiss University campus – located in the heart of Rome, the eternal city – and live in one of the university residence halls. They also have a chance to take part in a range of activities and events that enable them to experience the city of Rome, its history, art and exciting social life.

The summer programs last between one and three weeks each year in June-July and are open to international undergraduate, graduate and professional students.

Connecting Europe with China along the Silk Road

Connecting Europe with China along the Silk Road is an intensive, two weeks summer course organized by Luiss University in partnership with Renmin University. The first week program focuses on major trends about Europe-China cooperation with a focus on China-Italy relations, Italian culture and diplomacy as well as security and international financial cooperation. The second week program adopts a cross-industry approach, analysing operating and innovation strategies performed by leading Italian companies in different industries: fashion, traditional design, design-tech (automotive, yachting, hi-tech), food and beverages.
Tuition fee: € 1.600 (two weeks without accomodation)
Partner universities students will receive a 25% tuition fee reduction
Reductions are not cumulative
Please be noticed that some details in the program may be subject to change.
Should the instructor be unavailable, a substitute teacher will give the scheduled or a prepared alternative lecture at the regular class time

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Management “Made in Italy”: Food, Luxury, Fashion and Design

This program provides an introduction to fundamental business models and marketing strategies “Made in Italy”.Different from traditional business management courses which often skim, the course digs deeper into the world of successful Italian companies with the aim of unveiling the secrets of the Italian way of doing business.

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European and Comparative Company Law:Capital Markets

Luiss Guido Carli and the Centre for European Company Law are putting together a set of top academics and practitioners from all over Europe that will offer to participants the invaluable chance to be intellectually challenged by the most cutting-edge issues knowledge in the corporate and capital markets law.The top faculty, the intensive classes, and the interactive mode of instruction make the School a unique opportunity to deepen students’ knowledge in company and capital markets law while enjoying culture and leisure activities in the beautiful setting that Rome offers in the summer.

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Parliamentary Democracy in Europe – 8th edition

This summer program applies research-based knowledge and professional expertise to the actual contexts where Parliaments in Europe and beyond are facing an unprecedented decline in their legitimacy and ability to address constituents’ demands and concerns. Electoral rules and dynamics at large are key to understand consensus formation, problems affecting political participation and the strengths and weaknesses of parliamentary decision-making.The program aims to explore the tension between representative democracy, elections and new forms of populism in a time where democracy is more and more often associated just to the electoral moment and to popular consensus thereby neglecting the significance of other accountability mechanisms and of the daily enforcement of the values of liberal constitutionalism. These are the challenges ahead also with a view to the 2019 European elections, the new European Parliament and the European Union itself.

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