Market Relationship & Customer Engagement

Major of the Master’s Degree in Marketing

The degree program is divided into two different majors, both of which are offered in English and Italian. Marketing Analytics and Metrics (Analisi e misure di marketing) was designed to prepare students to analyzing market changes while the program in Market Relationship and Customer Engagement (Gestione dei processi e delle relazioni di marketing) was designed to train students in maintaining relationships with clients and commerical clients.

The master’s program in Marketing prepares students for roles as marketing/business/industry analyst, marketing & sales performance specialist, brand/product/communication manager, marketing manager, account/sales manager, account/sales manager, merchandiser/promoter, consultant or researcher.

Program Insights

The master’s degree program in Marketing aims to increase both basic knowledge and specialized skills in the field of marketing.

The program's majors create two different professional profiles that respond to the needs of businesses and organizations by honing avant-garde marketing skills. The majors also respond to the needs of students from diverse backgrounds that are interested in a rigorous and original Marketing program.

Applications are welcome from graduates of bachelor’s degree programs in Economics and Management, as well as Statistics, Communication, Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Political Science and Philosophy.

The program is only enhanced by its students’ diverse backgrounds, whose skills can be shared and combined to generate enormous value for the job market.

Admission procedure

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Study Plan

I year – 2020-2021

Consumer Behavior8
Behavioral Economics and Consumer Decision Making6
Managerial Economics: Theories and Marketing Applications6
Legal Issues in Marketing6
Research Methodology for Marketing6
Product and Brand Management8
Organizational Issues in Marketing and Sales8
Web Analytics and Marketing8
Marketing Communication and New Media6

II year – 2021-2022

Retail and Service Experience Marketing6
Marketing Plan & Markstrat Simulation6
2 Elective courses6+6

Activities for all majors

Mandatory language course4
Ethics, Responsibility, Sustainability Laboratory4
Internship (or project work)8
Master's thesis18
Total credits120

Students enrolled in Italian language degree programs must take two courses taught in English.
Job Opportunities

Graduates of the two versions of the major in Analisi e misure di marketing and Marketing Analytics & Metrics will be able to work as marketing/business/industry analysts, marketing & sales performance specialists, researchers (at institutes, research companies and consultancy firms), brand/product/communication managers and consultants.

Graduates of the major in Gestione dei processi e delle relazioni di marketing and Marketing Relationships & Customer Engagement can work as marketing managers, brand/product/communication managers, account/sales managers, merchandisers/promoters and consultants.

Double Degrees & other International Opportunities

DOUBLE DEGREES The Master’s program in Marketing encourages students to experience a foreign culture through the following Double Degree programs in collaboration with LUISS partner institutions:

EXCHANGE PROGRAMS In addition to the Double Degree programs, LUISS University offers a broad selection of exchange opportunities with over 187 academic partnerships in 42 countries. //

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Market Relationship & Customer Engagement

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