International Combined Program

The International Combined Program (ICP) is an innovative educational path that allows students to be exposed to different academic environments in two countries in an accelerated manner.

The ICP is a 5-year academic integrated program taught at Luiss and its partner university aimed at top students from all over the world enrolled in our partner universities.


Students who successfully complete the program will obtain one Bachelor’s Degree from their home university and one Master’s Degree from Luiss spending 3 years at their home university and 2 years at Luiss.Through an ICP, Bachelor’s students will be enroll in a Master’s Degree at Luiss at the end of the 3rd year of their BA. Therefore, they would be able to enroll in a Master’s Degree one academic year in advance, while also complete their Bachelor’s Degree at their home university.Students enrolled in ICP programs are eligible for a number of scholarships and tuition fee waivers. The best students will be eligible for Luiss scholarships.

Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5
Study at Home University (Bachelor)Study at Luiss (Master)
Bachelor Y1Bachelor Y2Bachelor Y3Bachelor Y4
Master Y1Master Y2


RANEPA – Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration


Southern Federal University

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