BI-Luiss Joint MSc in Marketing

120 ECTS
Major of the Master’s Degree in Marketing

Are you interested in studying what are the latest trends of marketing? Do you want to be prepared for the international job market in the marketing area?

The BI-Luiss Joint MSc in Marketing provides an immersive learning experience designed to strongly involve students in a very exciting multidisciplinary and multicultural environment with an international faculty drawn from a variety of disciplines and marketing practitioners with a global perspective.

The BI-Luiss Joint MSc in Marketing is held in two main different locations – Oslo and Rome. Moreover, thanks to study tours students will explore different parts of the world and understand how marketing and businesses in general really operate across the world. The program integrates academic, research-based, innovative marketing contents with hands-on company perspectives and visits. In this way, students get to put theory into practice, wherever in the world they are.Candidates who successfully complete the program will obtain the following two degrees upon graduation:

  • Master of Science in Strategic Marketing Management from BI
  • Master’s Degree in Marketing from Luiss.

First Year at BI Norwegian Business School (starting in 2021-22)

Brand Management/Topics in Digital MarketingFall12
Service MarketingFall6
Understanding the ConsumerFall6
Introductory Data Science for MarketingFall6
Customer Value AnalyticsSpring6
Marketing ResearchSpring6
Research Methodology – MarketingSpring6
Sustainable MarketingSpring6
Ethics and Sustainability in OrganizationsSpring6

Second Year at Luiss University (starting in 2022-23)

Marketing Law and RegulationFall6
Managerial Economics: Theories and Marketing ApplicationsFall6
Behavioral Economics and Consumer Decision MakingFall6
Integrated Marketing CommunicationFall6
Performance MarketingFall6
Data and Artificial Intelligence LabsFall8
Thesis Writing SeminarSpring4
Master ThesisSpring18

The BI-Luiss Joint MSc in Marketing provides students with a solid basis for managerial positions in market-oriented organizations.
It is designed to train students to study marketing from a management perspective, while at the same time specializing in the analytics and metrics areas of the field and to prepare them for roles as Brand Manager Market Analyst/Social Media Manager/Digital Marketing Director/Communications Specialist/International Marketing Manager/Media Buyer.

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