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Registration for the academic year is subject to payment of an annual tuition fee, called the contributo unico, and a regional student tax, called the tassa regionale per il diritto allo studio universitario. The tuition fee is the same for all students irrespective of their financial means. To make payment easier, the University allows students to pay in installments, in accordance with the deadlines.
In accordance with Article 27 of Royal Decree no. 1269/38: “Under no circumstances may a student who has registered for a year of a university course obtain a refund of the fees and taxes paid”.

Bachelor Degree ProgramsMaster Degree Programs
1st year11.000 €12.000 €
2nd year11.000 €12.000 €
3rd year11.000 €

For late payment of tuition fees, a charge of €50 per installment per month or part thereof will apply starting on the eighth day after the payment deadline. After the first month, the effective date for the calculation of late payment fees will be the payment deadline.
Students in their second or subsequent years within the prescribed timeframe who have not met the deadline for payment of the first installment will be liable not only for the late payment charge of €50 but also a penalty of €300 starting on the eighth day after the payment deadline.
More information about tuitions, fees and deadlines can be found here.

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