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Will I have the chance to do extracurricular activities in my free time?

Luiss offers a series of extracurricular options for students who would like to experience the campus to its fullest: volunteering, community gardening, courses on coding, videomaking, Internet of Things, the university radio and more. There are also many spaces within the University dedicated to students who would like to suggest new activities.

Are there computer rooms on campus?

Computer rooms are available on every campus and can be used by students to study, exercise or print out course materials.

Can I play sports at Luiss?

The Luiss Sport Association offers all Luiss students the chance to play a broad range of sports and join a team – including football, basketball, rugby, volleyball, cycling, swimming, rowing, skiing and much more – or register for dance courses, personal training sessions or outdoor training.

Is there a canteen on campus?

There are two canteens, one on Viale Romania and another one on Viale Pola (a five-minute walk from Via Parenzo). Both canteens are open for lunch and dinner, also during weekends. Special dishes are available for students with food intolerances.

How can I get between the different campuses?

A shuttle bus that leaves every 10 to 15 minutes connects the two main campuses on Viale Romania and Via Parenzo. All other campuses are a five-minute walk away.

Will I receive info on the academic system, exam sessions and teaching method in general?

During a specific orientation session at the beginning of the Welcome Weeks, a first set of information is given to students regarding the Italian academic system and how classes and exams are organized at Luiss. Afterwards, students can refer to their tutor or the department office if they have questions about courses, study plans or exams. Sessions and seminars dedicated to study-related topics (e.g. how to write a paper or thesis) are offered by tutors throughout the year.

Are social activities planned for students?

Luiss organizes a wide range of social, cultural and leisure activities throughout the academic year, along with those managed by student associations. First-year students have the chance to get a glimpse of these activities during Welcome Weeks by participating in social events with home students, and joining our tours around Rome to discover the city and its beauties. These tours and social gatherings happen regularly during the year and all students can get involved by signing up via emails sent to inform students of the latest news.

I want to be an athlete at Luiss. How do I apply?

The application for the admission to the “Luiss Sport Program – LSP” is available online at the following link:
Following the evaluation of the sports curriculum, if necessary, the student-athlete will be called to support a motivational interview with the SSD Luiss Sports Commission, which at the end, can directly propose the classification in one of the four above-mentioned categories, for the aim of the admission into the Luiss Sport Program – LSP, or it will have to participate in the technical selections organized by the Technical Sports Commission of belonging.

What scholarships does Luiss offer international students?

Luiss University is awarding merit-based full-tuition scholarship to talented Master’s level students, based on the overall assessment of the applicant’s documentation and automatically offered during the last phase of application.
GMAT and GRE full-tuition scholarships, to be awarded to students who have obtained a GMAT score of at least 710 or a GRE score of at least 160.
Scholarships offered by the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation e.g. the Invest your Talent in Italy Program.

What is the tuition fee?

Registration for the academic year is subject to payment of an annual tuition fee and a regional student tax (€150 ca.,to be paid once).
The tuition fee is the same for all students irrespective of their nationality.
In order to facilitate the payment, the University allows students to pay in installments, in accordance with the established deadlines.
Tuition fees for Bachelor’s Degree Programs are as follows:

Bachelor Degree ProgramsMaster Degree Programs
1st year11.000 €12.000 €
2nd year11.000 €12.000 €
3rd year11.000 €

How can I check my admission status?

You will be notified about the status of your application by the deadlines provided above (see column 3).
Should you not receive any feedback within a week after the deadline, please feel free to contact Luiss Admission Office at

Do I need to submit a SAT score?

No, it is not required. However, it is highly recommended that you submit it as it would increase your overall chances to be granted a scholarship.

Is the TOEFL or IELTS score required to apply?

No, it is not required. However, it is highly recommended that you submit it as it would increase your overall chances to be granted a scholarship.

What are the admission requirements?

Required documents for Bachelor’s Degree Programs:

  • The name of the Bachelor Program you are interested in
  • Your curriculum vitae
  • 1 reference letter
  • Your updated transcript of grades in English
  • TOEFL/IELTS/Cambridge (optional)
  • SAT or ACT certificate (optional)

Required documents for Master’s Degree Programs:

  • Current university registration certificate and transcript of records
  • Secondary school diploma
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Motivation letter
  • Letter of reference from a lecturer
  • GMAT or GRE certificate (optional)
  • TOEFL/IELTS/Cambridge (optional)

What is the application deadline?

The selection process for the academic year 2019/2020 will be held between mid November 2018 and the end of July 2019, split into the following rounds:

ROUND 1*11 December 201814 December 201818 January 201914 February 2019
ROUND 2*7 February 201928 February 201914 March 201917 May 2019
ROUND 3*28 March 201930 April 201917 May 201914 June 2019
ROUND 4*17 June 201928 June 201912 July 201925 July 2019

* Students applying to Master’s degree programs by March 30, 2019 can also apply to a double degree program and QTEM – see the dedicated section below.
** Applicants will be conditionally admitted at first, and thereafter fully admitted solely upon receipt by the Luiss Student Office of the original documentation, the statement of equivalent value and, for non-EU citizens, certification regarding the personal identity of the student and a copy of the Italian permit of stay (permesso di soggiorno), to be sought from the competent authorities within eight working days after arriving in Italy.

How can I get to Luiss from the airport?

If you are landing in Roma Fiumicino Airport
A shuttle train called Leonardo Express, leaving every half hour, links Fiumicino Airport to Roma Termini Station. A ticket costs € 14.00.
For further information, visit the web site.
A bus service called Terravision leaves every half hour from Fiumicino Airport for Roma Termini Station. A ticket costs € 4.00.
For further information, visit the web site.
The average taxi fare from the airport is about € 60.00.

If you are landing in Roma Ciampino Airport
A bus service called Terravision leaves every half hour from Ciampino Airport for Roma Termini Station. A ticket costs € 4.00.
For further information, visit the web site.
Average taxi fare from the airport is about € 40.00.
Other possibilities can be found here and here.

From Roma Termini Station to Luiss – Viale Romania Campus
Take bus 360 and get off at the stop on Viale Romania 32, just in front of the Luiss main entrance. A ticket costs € 1.50.
The average taxi fare from Roma Termini Station € 15.00.

Will I have the chance to meet the staff and understand who I can contact if I have questions or doubts?

Yes, a session called Coffee with the Officer is organized during the Welcome Weeks so first-year can meet the people they can contact for any reason throughout their academic career. All Luiss offices and staff are always available throughout the year to help students and give them the information they need.

Will I have the chance to ask home students for advice?

Yes, international students can register for the Buddy Program, managed by the ESN Roma Luiss Association, to be matched with a home student who will help them in both university-related matters and daily-life issues, coping with the possible complexities of adapting to a new city and a new culture

What activities are planned for first-year students?

All newly arrived international students are involved in a two-week event, at the beginning of the academic year, to welcome them to the university and to provide them with all the information they need on the services and opportunities offered, administrative requirements, academic system and life in Rome. During the two-week event, all students have the chance to meet their peers, get to know Luiss staff and professors and participate a series of social and cultural events.

When am I expected to arrive?

International students are expected to arrive for the beginning of the Welcome Weeks (beginning of September). All students will receive detailed information in advance.

Who can I contact if I have questions or doubts throughout my academic career?

Students can always refer to the university tutor, a point of reference to help students organize their study path, plan their studies, enrich their education with training opportunities, solve administrative issues and, generally, coping with the complexities of academics. University tutors are always available on campus for students who need help.

Are Italian language classes available?

Yes, free Italian language courses are offered every semester, for both students and professors, covering a wide range of levels, depending on requests.

Where can I study between lessons?

All campuses have reading rooms where students can study individually or together. Students can also also study at the Luiss Library, specialized in social sciences, located near the Via Parenzo campus. The library also offers a series of services, such as online catalogues, bibliographical information and access to a wide range of specialized databases.

How can I contact professors?

All professors have their own web page on the Luiss website that includes their contact information and office hours.

Where can I check course information?

Each course has its own syllabus, available on the main Luiss web site, in which the lecturers describe the course’s main features (number of credits, total workload, course contents, reference books, etc.).

Where can I check my timetable?

Students can access their timetable through an interactive platform, available on every department’s web page.

Do I have to attend every lesson?

Attendance at Luiss is mandatory; therefore, students are expected to attend at least 75% of their lessons

Where are accommodations located?

Residences and dormitories are all in the nearby area – some of them are just a few minutes’ walk from the campuses. In terms of private accommodations, CasaLuiss offers several choices both in the neighboring area and in other areas of the city, depending on student requests.

How can I apply for housing?

Students can apply for Luiss residences and approved dormitories through a call for applications, published each year on the Luiss web site, on the University Union’s page. To apply for private accommodation, students can contact CasaLuiss, a real estate agency, at

What housing options can I can apply for?

Students can apply for several types of housing solutions, from our residences to approved dormitories to private accommodations.

Are there any other documents I need for my stay in Italy?

Based on their nationality and the reason for their stay, students might need to get a tax code number (codice fiscale), a health insurance policy, an Italian bank account, an Italian phone number and register in the municipality of Rome they live in. All information about this documentation, these procedures is given by the Luiss Welcome Desk during the Welcome Weeks.

Will the university help me with my residence permit (permesso di soggiorno) application?

Yes, the Luiss Welcome Desk organizes sessions during the Welcome Weeks to help students complete their applications. Luiss also provides students with the yellow kit, i.e. the official form needed to apply for a residence permit (permesso di soggiorno). The Luiss Welcome Desk is available during the application process to help students check the status of their application with the authorities

What are the necessary administrative steps after my arrival in Rome?

Once they arrive in Italy, all foreign students need various documents for their stay: a tax code number (codice fiscale), a health insurance policy and an Italian phone number. Additionally, non-EU students have to apply for the residence permit (permesso di soggiorno) within 8 working days of their arrival.
All information about this documentation and these procedures is provided by the Luiss Welcome Desk during the Welcome Weeks.

Will the university help me apply for a visa?

Luiss provides all students who need to apply for a visa with an official invitation lette, as a fundamental requirement to obtain a study visa. Students can ask for the letter immediately after completing the enrollment procedure.

How do I find out if I need a VISA?

To find out whether you need a visa and understand how to apply, you can check the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation’s web site and follow the instructions.

Do I have to attend the DD selection interview personally?

No, if you are abroad at the moment of the selection interview for one or more DD programs, we can arrange a Skype call.

What are the prerequisites to apply for a Double Degree program?

Each Double Degree program has its own requirements, but they generally require minimum levels of weighted average grades, registered credits and English language proficiency. Depending on the program, additional requirements such as knowledge of other languages, professional experience, final bachelor’s degree grade and specific English language certificates might be requested.

If I am not selected for a Double Degree program before enrolling in the aster’s program, can I apply to the same program during the first year of the Master’s program?

In most cases, no. Selections are made only once for each program. However, should a selected student withdraw from the program, the available slot could be open to students enrolled in the first year of the Master’s program. This, of course, does not apply to programs whose international mobility is during the first year of the Master’s program.

If I am selected for a Double Degree program, am I automatically selected for the Master’s program?

No, both admissions procedures are separate. Double Degree program applicants are expected to have secured their admission to the Master’s program of choice before being selected aDouble Degree.

How does the Double Degree work in terms of mobility?

Usually, students spend the first year at Luiss and the second year at the partner university – this could change depending on the specific program (for more information, please refer to each program’s page).

What kind of degree will I obtain at the end of the program?

You will receive a Master’s degree issued by the partner university, in addition to a Master’s degree issued by Luiss University. For more details about the degree issued for each program, please visit the program’s web page.

Is there an extrafee to participate in a Double Degree program?

For most programs, students are exempted from paying tuition fees to partner university. Students will continue to pay standard tuition fees at Luiss. For a limited number of programs, students are required to pay tuition fees at both universities (for more information, please visit the program’s webpage).

How can I apply to a Double Degree program?

Students can apply to Double Degree programs through the call for applications, which outline the timeline, the selection procedure, the pre-requirements and the rules for participation.

When can I apply to a Double Degree program?

Selections for Double Degree programs are held either prior to beginning the Master’s degree program or during the first year of the program.
Call for applications for Double Degrees open to students not yet enrolled in a Master’s program are usually published in early March and selections are published by mid- to late May.
Calls for applications for Double Degrees open to students already enrolled in the first year of a Master’s programare usually published in mid-December.

What is the difference between Double Degrees and exchange programs?

With a Double Degree program, students receive two degrees – a Master’s dfrom Luiss and a Master’s degreefrom the partner university, valid in both countries. Conversely, exchange programs provide students with the opportunity to spend one or two semesters abroad and take exams at the partner university that are recognized by their Luiss study plan. Furthermore, Double Degree programs generally require students to spend at least one year at a partner university and write a joint thesis.

What are the pre-requirements to apply for QTEM?

Pre-requirements for QTEM are:

  • C1 English language level certificate
  • GMAT score of 600, or GRE equivalent

If I am not selected for QTEM before enrolling in the master’s degree program, can I apply again during the first year of the master’s degree?

Yes – selections are held once a year both for candidates applying prior to the beginning the Master’s program or during the first year of the Master’s degree programs available for QTEM.

If I am selected for QTEM, am I automatically selected for the Master’s program?

No, both admissions procedures are separate. Students will be admitted to the QTEM program only if both selections are positive and, therefore, students are successfully enrolled in one of the Master’s degree programs available for QTEM.

How does QTEM work in terms of mobility?

Students will have the opportunity to spend up to two semesters abroad in two different partner universities, as well as carry out a compulsory internship.

When can I apply to QTEM?

You can apply to QTEM either prior to beginning the Master’s program or during the first year of the Master’s degree programs available for QTEM.
The call for application for QTEM is usually published in mid-December.

What academic paths can I choose to apply to QTEM?

There are four academic paths you can choose from amongst the Luiss Master’s degree programs:

  • Economics (except for RoME)
  • Finance
  • Corporate Finance
  • Banche e Intermediari Finanziari (in Italian)

Can I apply to QTEM and other international opportunities?

Yes, students may apply to both QTEM and other international opportunities available for the chosen Master’s program, though selection processes and timings differ.

Is there an extra fee to participate in QTEM?

Access to QTEM requires no fees other than the standard Luiss fees for Master’s programs.

What kind of certificate do I gain with QTEM?

After completing the program, students will receive a QTEM degree – a supranational Master’s certificate issued by the entire QTEM network – in addition to a Master’s degree issued by Luiss University.

What makes QTEM a unique program?

QTEM gives students the chance to enter an exclusive network, through excellent academic partners – where students will spend up to two exchanges abroad – multinational corporate partners and a global alumni network.

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