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How to apply

The following admission procedure is valid for all LUISS Master Programs except the RoME Masters, which follows a unique selection procedure, to be published on the RoME website soon.
Applications are open from October 2017 to May 2018, for students living abroad who will obtain their degree there and non-Italian students who will obtain a foreign degree in Italy.
Places on our Master Degree programs are limited and are awarded on a first come, first served basis, by strict order of reservation. Early applications can have greater chance to be successful to meet financial aid opportunities/scholarships and to respect all the student visa deadlines (set for NON EU applicants).
The profile we value

TThe LUISS Master Degree programs are open to high-level applicants with little or no professional experience, of all nationalities who hold a Bachelor Degree of at least three years having obtained 180 ECTS in accordance with the admission requirements – see below.
For more information about the admission requirements, please check the dedicated page on LUISS’ website.
Italian language proficiency is not an admission criterion.

Admission procedure

Applications are open from October 2017 to May 2018, following a rolling system of selection, with an enrollment period open for at least 4 weeks after the results are released.
In order to apply, candidates must fill out the online application by the deadline indicated in column 1. At the end of this first step, the applicant will receive an e-mail with a link to upload of the required documents.
The applications will be examined by the LUISS Students Office first, and then by a commission of LUISS professors, who will evaluate the documentation sent by every single candidate and will draw up a ranking accordingly. In this stage candidates could well be contacted for an interview, in person or via Skype, with the commission.
Based on the ranking students will be informed of the final outcome to their application – positive or negative as the case may be – for admission, by the deadline indicated in column 2. The highest ranked students may also be offered a scholarship by the University – see the dedicated page.
Successful candidates will then be asked to accept the offer of admission (the offer will be sent through an official e-mail within the deadline for the relevant round, together with the instructions for their enrollment) and to enroll by the deadline indicated in column 3**.

ROUND 1* 27 October 2017 7 November 2017 15 December 2017
ROUND 2* 30 November 2017 11 January 2018 15 February 2018
ROUND 3* 11 January 2018 15 February 2018 15 March 2018
ROUND 4* 2 February 2018 5 March 2018 15 May 2018
ROUND 5* 30 March 2018 15 May 2018 15 June 2018
ROUND 6 30 April 2018 5 June 2018 3 July 2018
ROUND 7 31 May 2018 3 July 2018 25 July 2018

*Students applying to a Master’s Degree Programs by March 30, 2018 can also apply for a Double Degree program and QTEM – see the dedicated section below.
** Candidates will be conditionally admitted at first, and thereafter fully admitted solely upon receipt by the LUISS Student Office of the original documentation, the Statement of Equivalent Value and, for non-EU citizens, certification regarding the personal identity of the student and a copy of the Italian permit of stay, to be sought from the competent authorities within 8 working days after arriving in Italy.

Supporting documentation
  • GMAT or GRE certificate
  • Current University registration certificate + transcript of records
  • Secondary School Diploma
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Motivation letter
  • Letter of reference from a lecturer
  • TOEFL/IELTS/Cambridge (optional)

Students willing to apply must complete the dedicated form and upload all the required documentation here.

For more information about admission requirements, please check the dedicated page on LUISS’ website.
For any question, please contact us at


23 Double Degree programs are available to students enrolled in a selected number of Master’s Degrees.
Selections for Double Degree programs are held either prior to beginning the Master’s Degree or during the first year of the Master’s Degree.
Selections for Double Degree programs are conducted separately from the Master’s Degree admissions, even though the latter is a prerequisite to be admitted to the double degree.
Call for applications for Double Degrees open to students not yet enrolled in the Master’s Degree will be published in early March 2018. The final selection will be announced in the second half of May, right after the communication of the application outcome of round 5 of the Master’s Degree application process.
All interested students are requested to submit a GMAT/GRE certificate and an English language certificate, whose level depends on the program.

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